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The Uranus Frequency initiates original and electric individualism and freedom. It creates change wherever necessary in our life and habit patterns.

Colour: Sky Blue
Approximate Musical Note: G#
Character: Initiates Change
Zodiacal Rulership: Aquarius
Deity: Uranus, Prometheus

Themes & Keywords: Expansion, collective mind, humanitarian, technology, invention, genius, breakthrough, electricity, illumination, urge for freedom, sudden unanticipated events, awakening, innovation, individuality, eccentricity, explosiveness, rapid change, independence, divine will, revolution, transformation, trickster, individualism, originality, transmission, resourcefulness, egalitarianism, interconnectivity, differentiation, disruption, shock and trauma, rebellion, air.

Energetics: Uranus is full of surprises, throwing us into the unexpected and unknown. Its energy forces us to experience the new and unusual, expanding our field of awareness.

Anatomical & Physiological Correspondences: Nervous conditions, tension, lower legs, ankles, calves, pineal and sex glands, kundalini, flow of electricity in the body, sympathetic nervous system, genital system, melatonin production, neurological.