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Acutonics® IV: Advanced Harmonic Applications

This online class expands your knowledge of the Planetary Tuning Forks, unique harmonics, parallel fifths, and the seeds of transformation that reside in every session. By taking an in-depth look at the archetypes, and associated intervals of each planetary tone and its impact on the physical, emotional, and spiritual body practitioners will explore the personality, diagnostics, and applications that unfold with each harmonic interval in the Acutonics Healing System.

The powerful archetypes and tones of Nibiru and the Acutonics Asteroid Series are also introduced. Through extensive hands-on experiences you will broaden your understanding of the use and application of the Planetary Tuning Forks and learn how to integrate Chiron, Nibiru, and the Acutonics Asteroid Series into your clinical practice.
Required for practitioner certification

Prerequisites: Acutonics Levels I-III Core Curriculum

Required for Acutonics Practitioner certification.

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Upcoming Classes

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September 27, 2024 - 9:00 am

Acutonics® LEVEL 4 ONLINE

Online via Zoom CAD$500.00
Online via Zoom CAD$500.00

Theresa Lee Morris and William Morris
Licensed Acutonics Teachers
Certified Acutonics Practitioners