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Acutonics® Ethics in Clinical Practice

Dr. Will Morris will be teaching this class!

The goals for this course are to explore and more deeply understand the ethical principles, standards of practice and guiding principles of Acutonics, within the larger contextual frame of integrative medicine. We will examine ethics and integrity from a Western, Eastern, and Indigenous perspective and explore the role that the use of sound vibration on the body, may play in ethical situations. 


Ethical awareness is an active and continuous process and standards, and codes of ethics are a starting point to prompt, guide, and inform but they do not take the place of an active, deliberate, and creative approach to ethical considerations.


This class is designed to deepen awareness of the energetic relationship between a client and a practitioner. What does it mean to create an energetic container—or sacred space—that enhances the ability to establish and maintain healthy energetic boundaries and appropriate connections in the therapeutic environment. 


Regardless of background, experience, or prior ethics training this class is designed to stimulate discussion on a number of topics that relate to clinical practice and how to address these sometimes complex and challenging issues with grace.


2 Day Class (16 Hours)


Required for Associate Acutonics Practitioner certification.



To read about the certification process please click here.

Course Length: 2-Day Class

Prerequisites: Acutonics Level I: Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics 

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