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Acutonics® Hand Chimes Set (23)


Set includes:

23 Acutonics® Hand Chimes

Chimes included in this set:
Low Ohm, Middle Ohm and High Ohm Chimes
Low Sedna and Middle Sedna Chimes
Zodiac Chime
Earth Day Chime
Low New Moon Chime
Low Full Moon chime
Sun Chime
Mercury Chime
Venus Chime
Mars Chime
Jupiter Chime
Saturn Chime
Uranus Chime
Neptune Chime
Pluto Chime
Chiron Chime
Nibiru Chime

NEW additions:

Low Venus Chime

Low Hygiea Chime

Mid Hygiea Chime

* Please note the image does not show the new additions of Low Venus, Mid Hygiea and Low Hygiea.