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The Saturn Frequency represents the energy towards the manifestation of the material world. It builds and creates stability and structure with perseverance and wisdom.

Colour: Copper Brown
Approximate Musical Note: D
Character: Stability & Foundation
Zodiacal Rulership: Capricorn & Aquarius
Deity: Kronos

Themes & Keywords: Old age wisdom, manifestation of father, patience, endurance, the material world, boundaries and limitations, government, law, control, power, structure, stability, order, contraction, constriction, hard work, safety and security, responsibility, maturity, durability, discipline, fear, perseverance, protection, caution, achievement, time, achievement, organization, earth element.

Energetics: Saturn supports us to access the wisdom we’ve earned from past experiences. To create solid foundations and structures that last.

Anatomical & Physiological Correspondences: Knees, kidney, bones, ears, hearing, skin, eczema, joints, cartilage, teeth, anti-inflammatory, sympathetic nervous system, tightens.