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The Pluto Frequency promotes growth and transcendence through conflict and challenge. It facilitates the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Allowing us to learn from our experiences.

Colour: Black
Approximate Musical Note: C#
Character: Spiritual Transformation
Zodiacal Rulership: Scorpio
Deity: Pluto, Hades

Themes & Keywords: Transformation, death, resurrection, rebirth, depths of consciousness, shadow-self, toxicity, sex, sexuality and sensual issues, power, the underworld, transmutation, integration, illumination, liberation, potential, polarity, psyche, soul, buried treasures, karmic origins, obsessive, passion and purpose, regeneration, evolutionary growth, elimination, control, violence and violation, intensity, destruction, victimization, mysterious.

Energetics: Pluto breaks things down to reassemble the component parts into a higher frequency. Pluto facilitates the rising of kundalini energy and spiritual transformation.

Anatomical & Physiological Correspondences: External reproductive organs, sexual energy, colon, deep skin conditions, cancerous tumors, lack of personal power.