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The Neptune Frequency is mystical and it induces a transcendental and visionary state of consciousness. It helps us to access our potential for intuition, inspiration and artistic creativity.


Colour: Sea Green
Approximate Musical Note: G#
Character: Oneness & Spiritual Devotion
Zodiacal Rulership: Pisces
Deity: Neptune/Poseidon

Planetary Themes & Keywords: Universal love, sacrifice, victimization, co-dependence, ecstasy, altered states of consciousness, imagination, transcendental, illusive, mysticism, inspiring, freedom, boundlessness, deception, illusion, addiction, lack of boundaries, dissolution, dream, visionary, compassionate, sacrificial, psychic and cosmic awareness, spiritualism.

Energetics: Neptune inspires us to experience, evolve, and then transcend to be realized for the whole, only to dissolve again into absolute oneness. Dissolves outdated patterns and attachments to make room for growth. Allows us to reclaim our forgotten power by pointing out false projections and illusions. A catalyst for creativity and artistic inspiration.

Anatomical & Physiological Correspondences: Feet, edema, water in the body, thalamus, emotions, spinal cord, cerebrospinal, fluid, intoxicates of all kind, anesthetic, auto-immune diseases, anxiety, sinuses, dissolving, right brain.