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The Zodiac Earth frequency represents the cycle of the Earth as it travels through the constellations of the Zodiac in approximately 25,920 years.

Colour: Purple
Approximate Musical Note: F
Character: Insight & Perspective
Zodiacal Rulership: Our relationship to the whole Zodiacal wheel.
Deity: Gaea


Themes & Keywords: Relaxing, meditative, transcendental, sedating, dispersing, gathers Earth energy, soul retrieval, informative, perspective, insight, visionary, connectedness, sustenance, promotes joy, wisdom, experience, creativity.

Energetics: Zodiac Earth gathers wisdom thorough the ages, and gains perspective as it passes through the Great Year. This frequency relaxes mind and muscle. It is expansive, meditative and great for moving stagnation or letting things go that no longer serve us.

Anatomical & Physiological Correspondences: Balance in our body systems and the body energy as a whole. Relaxes muscles and helps to heal bruises and scar tissue.