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The Sun Frequency builds vitality and strengthens one’s connection to self and to God. It is uplifting and initiates one to participate in life with motivation and confidence. It helps us to overcome confining or limiting conditions or circumstances.

Colour: Sunflower Yellow
Approximate Musical Note: B
Character: Self & Vitality
Zodiacal Rulership: Leo
Deity: Apollo, Helios

Themes & Keywords: Initiative, healing, truth, self-identity, individuation, vitality, authority, leadership, generosity, yang energy, power, confidence, self-esteem, warming, perception of life, urge to be and co-create, essence of self, ego and will, consciousness, integrity, fire.

Energetics: The Sun seeks for resolution and aims for completion and success in all areas of life. It helps us to remember our connection with Great Spirit and awakens our own divinity to co-create in our life for the highest good of all living beings.

Anatomical & Physiological Correspondences: Heart, back, spine, thymus, physical essence, generates heat, vitalizing, activating, circulating, combustive.