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The Ohm frequency connects us to the Earth, and nourishes us on a soul level. It is grounding, balancing, and life sustaining. Used to reduce stress and tension, Ohm brings us home. It is all-encompassing, representing the body as a whole and intrinsic system. Ohm represents the Earth travelling around the Sun through the four seasons in its yearly cycle.

Colour: Gold
Approximate Musical Note: C#
Character: Nurturing & Balancing
Deity: Gaea

Themes & Keywords: Foundational, balancing, harmonizing, rooting, grounding, yearly cycles, the four seasons, the body as a whole, reason for being, mother, nature, food, material gain.

Energetics: Helps us to harmonize our ability to be comfortable in our body, and to proceed with the self-work each individual must do to raise their frequency. The Earth brings balance into our lives so that we can complete our life’s destiny successfully.

Anatomical & Physiological Correspondences: Balance in our body systems and the body energy as a whole.

Ohm Intervals

Ohm Unison: Grounding, balancing, harmonizing

Ohm Octaves: Going to the next level, completion, resounding, sourcing, creates space, ascending/descending.