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New Moon

The New Moon frequency represents the entire lunar cycle, from one New Moon to the next.

Colour: Metallic Blue
Approximate Musical Note: G#
Character: Opening & Releasing
Zodiacal Rulership: Cancer
Deity: Artemis, Diana

Themes & Keywords: Releasing, dispelling, gestation, opening, fertility, emotionally releasing, the unconscious, the Mother, the past, emotions and feelings, memory, feminine nature of men and women, receptivity, emotional and habitual reactions to life, water, dreams, nurturing and nourishing, new possibilities.

Energetics: New Moon represents our ability to let go. It can serve as a catalyst of release from a particular paradigm, opening us up to new beginnings and possibilities.

Anatomical & Physiological Correspondences: Stomach, breast, nutrition and digestive system, lymph system, bodily fluids, menstrual cycle and other physiological cycles, reproductive system, cooling, flow of bodily fluids, childbirth, uterus, hypothalamus, autonomic nervous system, pituitary gland.