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Full Moon

The Full Moon Frequency is tonifying and emotionally fulfilling. It can be interpreted as the tidal tug that pulls us as human beings toward “home”, our common place of origin. Its frequency is represented by the waxing cycle of the Moon, from the building energy of the New Moon to the completion of the Full Moon.

Colour: White
Approximate Musical Note: A#
Character: Building & Bridging
Zodiacal Rulership: Cancer
Deity: Artemis, Diana

Themes & Keywords: Building, tonifying, bridging, cyclic, feminine, emotionally fulfilling, a strong ability to pull like the ocean’s tides, intuition, memory, psychic ability, the unconscious, the Mother, the past, emotions and feelings, luminosity, wholeness, vision into the unseen, receptivity, nurturing and nurturance, feminine nature of men and women, emotional and habitual reactions to life, water, dreams, caregiver, security.

Energetics: The Full Moon creates a safe container for deep soul nurturing and healing. It illuminates the shadow and things unseen in a sympathetic manner to assist us in feeling more at home in our body.

Anatomical & Physiological Correspondences: Stomach, breast, nutrition and digestive system, lymph system, bodily fluids, menstrual cycle and other physiological cycles, reproductive system, cooling, flow of bodily fluids, childbirth, uterus, hypothalamus, autonomic nervous system, pituitary gland.