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Earth Day

The Earth Day frequency is generative and tonifying. It stimulates growth and resonates deeply with nature. Its frequency represents the Earth’s 24-hour cycle of rotation on its axis in relationship to the Sun.

Colour: Green
Approximate Musical Note: G
Character: Strengthens
Deity: Gaea

Themes & Keywords: Generative, stimulating, tonifying, strengthening, building, Chi/Qi, joy, hope, plants, nature, gardening, grounding, food, connectedness, mother, sustenance, matter, physicality, creativity, reason for being.

Energetics: Earth Day represents our ability to be comfortable in our body. It gives balance and sustenance to successfully harmonize with our life’s destiny on a daily basis.

Anatomical & Physiological Correspondences: Balance in our body systems and the body energy as a whole. Builds Qi and where there is deficiency.