Acutonics® LEVEL 4 ONLINE

September 27, 2024 9:00 am
September 29, 2024 5:00 pm
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Theresa Lee Morris, 250-225-3518


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Advanced Harmonic Applications

This advanced class synthesizes concepts from previous levels by offering new insights into the scientific and psychological impact of planetary sound and vibrations. We discuss the relevance of dynamic rather than static models in science, culture, and health care, introduce universal laws and principals, time-space synchronization, and theories in physics that address the bridge between mind and matter. Western conceptions of synchronicity developed by C.G. Jung and Wolfgang Pauli are introduced alongside Eastern conceptions of the relationships between psyche, synchronicity, and the Tao.

Binary star systems, precessional cycles and ancient civilizations provide a context in which to understand the history, relevance, and physiological implications of Nibiru, the Planet of the Crossroads, one of the most potent frequencies used by advanced Acutonics practitioners.

The history and science of asteroids, meteors and comets provides a foundation for the introduction of the archetypal qualities and healing attributes of the asteroid goddesses: Ceres, Pallas Athena, Vesta, and Juno.

Through extensive hands-on experience you will broaden your understanding of the interplanetary intervals and learn how to integrate Chiron, Nibiru and Asteroid tools into clinical practice for advanced applications in a clinical setting. You will continue to work in teams—conducting assessments, planning, and delivering in-depth treatments that incorporate interplanetary intervals and a range of advanced techniques directly on and over acupuncture points.

3 Day Class (24 Hours)

Required for Acutonics Practitioner Certification.

24 PDA Points NCCAOM
26 Continuing Education Hours NCBTMB

Course Length: 3-Day Class

Prerequisites: Acutonics Level I: Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics , Acutonics Level II: Higher Harmonics and the Inner Nature of Tone , Acutonics Level III: Harmonic Attunement

Please note this is on Pacific timezone.

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