Acutonics Elective: For the Love of Gongs – ONLINE with option to attend LIVE

November 16, 2024 9:30 am
November 17, 2024 4:30 pm
Kootenay Sound Healing Centre, 691 Riondel Road, Box 47, Kootenay Bay, BC, V0B 2B0   View map
Theresa Lee Morris, 250-225-3518



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Event Details

For the Love of Gongs is a two-day class designed to inspire new and experienced players to expand their practice and skill set. We will begin by discussing the gong and gong culture throughout history. We will explore the physics of sound and what happens when we strike a gong. Techniques are taught that expand our perceptions on how we hold a mallet, and how we approach striking a gong. We will learn how our choice of mallet affects the quality of tone expressed. Most importantly, learners will study how to play the gong therapeutically and in an aesthetic way.

Learning the techniques will build confidence while encouraging play and exploration. This class will help to take our relationship with the gong to another dimension.

It is essential to have a gong, a variety of mallets and a microphone for the best experience for this class.

Mallet options include: a soft mallet (my favourite: Dragonfly Fuzz Bucket), heavy soft mallet (Paiste Mallets, M5, M6), harder soft mallet (Dragonfly Baby Bucket), Friction mallet (E-wand, B-Love), Marimba mallets (Yarn head on wood handle: Mike Balter 85B or Paiste M10)

This workshop is offered ONLINE, however, there is an option to attend live, contact Theresa at

*** all times are pacific time zone***

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