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Theresa Lee Morris

Having a passion for learning and a natural curiosity about the inter-connectedness of all things led Theresa to Acutonics and a world of Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls and Gongs. This dynamic and powerful system of vibrational medicine has transformed Theresa’s life and inspired her to become a Certified Practitioner and Senior Faculty Teacher for the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine.

In 2013 Theresa created the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre, with treatment rooms, teaching space and accommodation for students.

Theresa has been teaching Acutonics® classes since 2013, creating a growing community of sound healing practitioners from all around the world.  Her students include acupuncturists, doctors, nurses, hospice workers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, social workers, massage therapists, Reki and other forms of energy medicine.

Theresa’s love of gongs led to a collection of 17 Paiste planetary gongs. These powerful instruments have transformed Theresa’s life in ways never imagined. Theresa has played her gongs at local festivals and events throughout BC and now with husband, Will.  Theresa and Will are available for private and public events and festivals.

Article published in Issue Magazine by Theresa

While raising my sons and developing my property I found myself on a journey of self healing and self discovery. I had been interested in sound healing and attended some workshops but it was not until I was introduced into the Acutonics system of vibrational healing that my life began to change in ways never imagined. In 2010 I was gifted an Acutonics treatment with Eva Chobanuk in Nelson, B.C. The treatment was deeply relaxing, unlike anything I had ever experienced, yet it was also very energizing. I was transformed and excited. I knew I found something I had to explore further. I researched online, found classes and within a few months I travelled down to New Mexico to train with Donna Carey and Ellen Franklin, founder and CEO respectively of the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine. At first, my interest in taking the Level 1 training was to use the forks for self care. I soon found myself using them on friends and family, and clients started to come to my home for treatments!

In 2012 I was invited to do the teacher training. My first I thought was of self doubt: how could I, being the shy and quiet one in class become a good teacher? As the octave always takes us to the next level, I decided to take a leap! Curiosity, passion and excitement replaced the fear of stepping into bigger shoes. I am now teaching level 1 to 4 and I love it! The friendships and bonding that can take place over a 3 day class are extraordinary. I am very blessed and grateful to be apart of this dynamic and integrative system of healing!

Acutonics embraces the concept of “anamanesis”, which can be translated as the “rememberance of the whole”. With this system we look at the whole person, instead of looking at symptoms only. Acutonics recognizes our innate connection to the earth, nature and the cosmos. It works with the cosmic law as recorded a long time ago on the Emerald tablets: “As above, so below”. The Acutonics system is rooted in Chinese medicine and philosophy. Acupuncture points are stimulated with tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the earth, sun, moon and other planets. The musical intervals, archetypal and mythical qualities of the planets help fine tune the treatment to the individual needs of the client. Tibetan singing bowls, planetary gongs, drums, and rattles are also used on and off the body during treatment.

Acutonics training is offered throughout the year. The classes last typically 3 days, over a weekend, so it is something people can usually make fit in a busy schedule.
In 2013 I founded the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre. The treatment rooms, teaching space, accommodations, gardens, and landscaping all reflect 20 years of vision and creativity. With the recent addition of 17 Paiste Planetary Gongs there are now plans underway to build a Gong Meditation Space for regular local gong meditations!

This powerful system of holistic medicine has completely transformed my life and I am able to offer a service to of great value to my community. I am out in the public doing gong meditations at local events and festivals. I feel constant gratitude for playing a role during these transformative times.