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Asteroid Goddesses, Athena, Ceres, Juno, Vesta


Colour: Pastel Orange

Character: Spiritual Life

Associated Planet: Mars

Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and home. She is commonly referred to as the Vestal Virgin, also known to the Greeks as Hestia. Vesta represents the sacred spiritual temple and devotion to a spiritual path. She is the goddess of fire, initiating pursuits in our spiritual life and revealing the power of kundalini.

Themes & Keywords: Domestic life, illumination, ritual, guardian of the inner depths of our soul, dwells in the inner part of every home, source of inspiration and renewal, invokes a trance like state, inward meditation, focus, burns away what no longer serves, cleanses, gratitude for food, the cooking of food, virgin, liberation from sexual inhibitions, celibacy, spiritual centeredness, sacred fire, the sexual and spiritual power of kundalini, creative expression, fire element, inner union with self, regeneration, workaholic, priest, nun, religious communities, inner perspectives, unification, connectedness with others, spiritual bonds, wholeness, non-attachment, patience, spiritual commitment, intuition, sister.

Energetics: Vesta encourages us to follow our bliss and to live out our passions. She calls upon us to live from a place of spiritual purpose.



Colour: Rose

Character: Intimate Relationships

Associated Planet: Venus

Juno is the roman goddess of commitment in relationships and partnerships. She is commonly referred to as the Queen of Heaven, also known as Hera to the Greeks. Juno is the goddess of marriage.

Themes & Keywords: Commitment maker, capacity to bond, feminine mystique, fulfillment through others, striving for wholeness, sensation, earth element, wife, mother, relationship renewal and regeneration, coupling, watchfulness, loyalty, faithfulness, endurance through relationship difficulties, sacred rituals and marriage, holy rites, jealousy, advocate for women’s rights.

Energetics: Juno brings a strong desire to be in partnership, dissolving the illusion of separateness. She encourages us to let go of jealousy and attachments in relationship.

Pallas Athena

Colour: Zinc Yellow

Character: Formulates and Achieves Goals

Associated Planet: Sun

Pallas Athena is a Greek Warrior Goddess imbued with wisdom. She is also known as Minerva to the Romans. Pallas is a thinker and nurtures visions through the mental mind. She is associated with war and justice, displaying high intelligence and strategy.

Themes & Keywords: Wisdom, advisor, weaving, spinning, the olive tree, crafts, strategist, intelligence, inventor, Virgin Goddess, amazon, rational thinking, justice, law, avoids sexual entanglements, strong, independent, mental progeny, daughter, air element, protector, intellect, will, logical, sensible, authority, responsibility, patriarchal principles, self-directed, protectress of the forest, power, seeks information, self-focused, professional career, political and social awareness, owls, sharpness of vision.

Energetics: Pallas helps us to step into our power with strength and independence. She helps us to develop our talents so that we may fulfill our life’s purpose. She initiates the integration of love and creativity for success in our professional career.


Colour: Pigeon Blue

Character: Mothering

Associated Planet: Moon

Ceres is the Roman Goddess of Grain. She is a nurturer and mother. She is associated with growing harvest. She is also known as Demeter to the Greeks. Her role is to create, support and sustain physical progeny. She tends to the home and children.

Themes & Keywords: Goddess of Corn, fertility, hollow objects, cooking vessels, death and rebirth, loss and return, instinct and impulse, feeling, food, mother, water element, living for/through her children, provider of physical needs, nourishment to others, generosity, nurturing, material instinct, fruitfulness, protector, persistence, teaching, medicine, activator, source of spiritual food, nutrition, health awareness.

Energetics: Ceres is deeply connected to Earth and tending to her children. She helps us to experience passion and purpose in providing and nurturing others.